Teen Drip is the hottest platform available for teen artists to showcase their music in a family-friendly environment.

    In this day and age, music has become increasingly influential on our youth.  More and more young artists are emerging seemingly out of nowhere thanks to advances in technology and the social media boom.   One of the struggles of being a young artist is the inability to perform at showcases and other concert events.  Teen Drip was designed with the idea in mind that we can provide a safe environment for young artists to perform.  What makes Teen Drip exciting is the amount of talent and networking that is provided… at no cost to the artists or fans who want to attend.  Teen Drip is hosted every 60 days at KrunkSpot in Tampa, FL.  KrunkSpot has been known for its Teen parties since the early 90s and has continued to be a mixtape spot for the last 20 years.  With the help of Sabrina from InstaFame, Solja of Amped Up Entertainment, and SplakTV, Teen Drip has  become a success and has brought a lot of talent to the stage.   We have had artists as young as 8 years old perform, and have had artists travel from as far as Myrtle Beach, SC.   Not only do we showcase teen artists, but we also invite a few older artists to perform and speak to the youth.   This gives the younger artists an opportunity to see more seasoned artists and opens up opportunities for features and other networking.   We also invite guest speakers that are influential people in the Tampa Bay Music Community.    There are multiple camera crews in attendance such as SandKastle TV that interviews the artists at Teen Drip and has their own media platform to help get the word out about Teen Drip and the artists involved.  If you’re interested in signing up for Teen Drip as an Artist, Guest Speaker, or would like to find out how to Sponsor Teen Drip, fill out the form on the Contact Page… we would love to have you involved in a future Teen Drip Event!

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